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About Me

The goal of any designer is to visually translate words to images.
My personal goal is to exceed the expectations of the client and constantly challenge myself at the same time.

Originally planning a career in Forensic Psychology, my path in life took a sudden turn when I spontaneously applied to a traditional animation program in Vancouver. I was surprised to discover a love for design and illustration that I’d previously never known, much less explored.




After graduation, I worked at a local studio in children’s television animation for several years before realizing I preferred to work with images that didn’t move. I focused on upgrading my skill set and transitioned to the world of graphic design, specializing in package design and branding.






times Seinfeld referenced weekly


vintage cameras owned and used


cups of coffee consumed daily

A Little Bit


In addition to my freelance design work, I also have a few other passions…

F As In Frank Paper Goods Co. is a company I started with my sister and her husband. For over 5 years, we hand printed cotton greeting cards, bar towels, notebooks, coasters and more using very old print techniques such as letterpress, screen printing, foil stamping and hand lettering, all inspired by the outdoors and life in the Pacific Northwest.

In addition to the printing, we did everything else on our own, including the website, product photography, print and digital designs, social media and tradeshow booth design.

Though we closed the business in 2019 when my sister moved to the other side of the country, it remains one of my favourite projects I’ve ever worked on, and would love to go back to letterpress printing one day.

Forty Weight Design, named after CB Radio slang for ‘coffee’, is a subsidiary of A Brand Apart for custom design and illustration unrelated to branding.

Fayemous Books is my publishing company which currently has a roster of 4 books (soon-to-be 5!) illustrated by me and written by close author friends.

Giveable Greetings is a mix of cards, prints and signs, all with a fun, quirky side greatly influenced by my time in animation. My ‘Come In We’re Awesome’ sign, originally designed for my mom’s cafe in 2013, found a following online and is now currently sold in my Etsy shop.


I’m passionate about raising awareness for animal welfare and environmental preservation, particularly through supporting the zero-waste movement and several organizations dedicated to protecting critically endangered species or rescuing animals from illegal or abusive environments.

I have had the opportunity to design for AnimalsAsia, who rescue bears from bile farms in Asian countries,  The Orangutan Project, working to educate people about the destruction caused by the palm oil industry to the habitat of the world’s few remaining orangutans, and WeAnimals, which documents, through photography, animals in the human environment in such a way that the viewer finds new significance in these ordinary, often unnoticed situations of use, abuse and sharing of spaces.

With each project, I aim to:

exceed clients’ expectations
deliver unique content
provide continued support

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Even More

Some random facts and favourites:

Top TV Shows

  1. The Shield
  2. Kingdom (MMA fighters)
  3. Breaking Bad
  4. Seinfeld / Arrested Development
  5. Felicity

Top Music

  1. Jeff Buckley
  2. Bootstraps
  3. The Killers / Brandon Flowers
  4. Fleetwood Mac
  5. Everything ’80s

Top Destinations

  1. Iceland
  2. Newfoundland & Labrador
  3. Scotland
  4. Portland
  5. Basically any place that ends in ‘land’