Breaking Down My


Turning your story, mission and values into a unique visual representation of your company.

This is what I bring to the table.


Design and emotion are interconnected, and campaigns that inspire a reaction from their viewers are the most memorable. I plan for the target demographic and present a fresh take so that customers feel a bond with the brand.

content creation
advertising slogans


Branding carries through every aspect of a company, from logos to print design to colour scheme. Everything I create for a company is cohesive and maintains a clean, consistent aesthetic to ensure that when customers recognize even a small element of the brand, it’s unmistakably yours.

branding / identity
package design
print / promotion design


What started as my favourite hobbies grew into services I offer my clients. Years of experience in landscape and product photography, screen printing, letterpress, hand lettering and many other ‘old school’ print techniques inspire the creative process that fuels and distinguishes A Brand Apart. By starting with a kernal of vintage and popping it with today’s tools, we can create something fresh with elements of classic throwback.

film & digital photography
print techniques
hand lettering


Design in the digital realm began with learning lines of HTML code. Nowadays, working on WordPress helps streamline a brand’s online creation, focusing on the marketing presence that’s central to your site, and creating an online identity that best represents your message to the world. Most of all, a WordPress-based format makes it easy for clients to assume updates for the site content once all design elements are completed.

Web Design



I’ve been fortunate to work with some pretty awesome clients in a variety of different industries.

Artisan Goods
Lifestyle & Events
Animal Charities
Packaged Goods
Personal Care
Health & Nutrition
Urban Farming